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1/30/10 Holly Graham and the Folk Floozies, Traditions Cafe, Olympia
“Graham just took this night by storm with tons of supporting folks, many from the community activist gang, and just lovers of what Holly has done for years. She got underneath the songs, came from inside herself and the words of the song and made a most memorable night. Her humor abounds, her caring for the human condition is in every thought and word, the lyrics are clear and warm, and the pacing and stories were exquisite. Holly quoted text, made theatrical moves, became a kid. You were just moved from space to space all nailed down in the Holly atmosphere. She sang of ‘Ghostly Forests’ and the sense of land loss, of the missing dad in ‘Daddy Sang the Blues’. Holly delivered a song she worked out with Joe Baque, ‘Wishing Star Waltz’, that her vocals just moved out over the audience. She got inside and nailed ‘God Bless the Child’, the Billie Holiday song. ‘Tear Down the Walls’ got us all involved and she did well even with her tuning jokes. (They became part of the humor, like it was on purpose.) She was a theatrical delight on many tunes like ‘Power’ and I was very taken with her delivery on ‘Wolves of London’. She loved up the plaintive Sting song, ‘Children’s Crusade’. ‘Love Will Lead Us’ is her own song, set up to bring out her work beliefs and ideals, then she softened with the standard ‘Smile’. We all sang this sweet Chaplin song, then got rowdy with ‘Love Potion #9’. A stunning musical conversation with a woman at the top of her game this night. And her bass and piano cohorts, Lorree Gardener and Becky Liebman, were just right. So what to do for an encore? Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’, in one great musical love-for-life fest.”

Chris Lunn, Dropping in On..., Victory Music Review, Spring 2010