Redwing blackbird

Holly Art

Getting through Covid 19 has been an invitation to art - in my case, weaving on a simple cardboard loom using yarn, ribbon, pipe-cleaners, cloth, beads and other shiny things, then tying off at top and bottom with sticks from the forest and adding a kind of collage of small miracles of nature... pine cones, mosses, gem stones, found objects, shells, feathers, beads and little surprises. The weavings led to making a new cover for the green and turquoise lampshade I created in panels illustrated here. The process of making panels and then attaching them to the lampshade frame was educational and exciting, keeping my mind alert and in ‘the flow.’

Materials came to me from friends near and far, and they haven’t even begun to be depleted! I love walking our dog Lucky and collecting interesting finds from nature as we go.

The little red lamp was in my grandmother’s apartment for many years, casting a warm glow of cheer. The yarn on the shade, probably 65 years old, was rotting away, so I peeled it off and rewound using the lovely red you see here. I am so happy to have this little remembrance of my granny back in my world.

The big wicker lamp was a whimsical find from a thrift store, but the wicker was torn on the shade. I made red panels and then a cap in black for the cap. It works! The light is cheery and the effect is quite fitting for such an unusual lamp.

The point of all this is I now teach weaving on Zoom which is fun and good for the whole family! More information soon.

I am also interested in commissions to recover old shades and create new ones for you. Making original weavings for gifts is another thing I’m offering. Hope you like these things. Learning to weave is such a wonderful thing to do, because it’s calming, creative, and opens the doors to your inner joy and artistry, something we need now to see us through these ‘interesting times.’