February 26
Hootenanny at Traditions
2–4, free.

March 13
Tom Rawson sings
to benefit the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation
7 PM
at Traditions Fair Trade Café
Tickets $10–$25 sliding scale
Reserve tickets and tables at
Or purchase tickets from members of FOR

May 13
Holly in concert
8 PM, at
Traditions Fair Trade Café
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Holly is enjoying a surprise job teaching second graders at Hanson Elementary School and has been doing so since mid-October. She is enjoying and learning from the experience, hopefully as are the children. It's the last thing she expected to do upon returning from her wonderful trip in September to the United Kingdom.

Friends in Paris are safe and so far sound, Holly is happy to report. Big prayers go out to everyone. It's a long haul to world peace. Don't stop believing.


Holly resumes hosting these on the 4th Sunday of the month at Traditions, free from 2 - 4 PM. Come all ye!

Link to Holly’s sold-out concert

Short version edited for TCTV can be found here.


(Dedication: For Sagesse)

If I could give you a gift of the spiritual kind

I would plant this seed in your beautiful mind…

That you love yourself as much as you love another,

That you love yourself as if you were your mother.

If I could slow you down in a spiritual way

You would see yourself, really hear what you say,

And you’d open your mind and do your part

To love yourself. Do it now. Make a start.

It’s not just for me that I ask it of you.

It’s something the whole human race might do.

We could start with the gem called The Golden Rule

And practice it just like we learned it in school,

But we’ll love ourselves first, as much as those ‘others’

So we’ll know how to treat all our sisters and brothers.

We’d never hesitate, ever again,

To forgive and move on; be our own best friend.

I know it sounds simple, but I mean it, I do….

When I love myself, I can better love you!

So let’s write the world a little love letter…

If we love ourselves, we can all love better.

With love from Holly Gwinn Graham
12/13/14 – Olympia, WA


I’m rooting for the butterfly crossing the road,
for the little red squirrel, too.

I’m rooting for the swallows everywhere to keep returning,
for the shy red foxes in the woods being ‘thinned’ on the hill behind the house.

I’m rooting for the ospreys and herons that nest there.

I’m rooting for the water – all of it –
salt and fresh, iceberg and glacier, aquifer and ocean, lake and pond, our precious waters of life.

I’m rooting for real love, that I may really know its meaning, its colors, its magnificence, its pain, its power to save us all.

I’m rooting for friends who deal with illness, loss, change, with
their new assignments elsewhere in the universe, whatever is next,

Rooting for all who helped me every step along the way,
loved me, told me the truth, made me laugh, cry,
tested me, bested me, believed in me and still do.
Thank you. I love you.

I’m rooting for us, for you and me, for all of us –
reaching, stretching through the illusion that we are separate, tuning in to the link of consciousness that might be ‘God’ to create, co-create, heal, build, craft, restore, envision, surmount, love.

I’m rooting for kindness and forgiveness, things the sages know,
for art, for music, for life, for justice.

Dearest family, human and non…I’m rooting for you

Holly Gwinn Graham
Olympia, Washington
December 2013