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Patterns in Nature Art camp in the summer of 2019 was wonderful and full of great art by young artists ages 6 - 10. Both camps were attended by girls! Yes, it was a ‘girl camp’ summer in which we had a ball. My aide, Jackie Harris, also made it special, being a great liaison between me, the olde teacher and them, the youth!

For these camps I brought back an art I had done hundreds of times as an artist in the schools for the Washington State Arts Commission...plaster bandage masks. These were a huge amount of fun as well as supremely successful as a springboard to our theater presentations. It’s clear to me that plaster bandage masks are wonderful art forms, and I plan to include them in next year’s camps.

Worried about attendance, when I voiced my lament on Facebook about families who withdrew a child at the last minute, there were offers from two dear friends to pay for scholarships if money turned out to be the deciding force! Wow! I am so grateful! Roll on, 2020!

I love doing these camps and am so happy to have Fertile Ground’s art studio to work in. I thank Karen Nelson and Gail O’Sullivan for their constant hospitable welcome each year.