May 28
Hootenanny at Traditions
2–4, free.

4th Sunday of every month
2–4, free.

Holly's Mother's Day concert on Thurston Community Television:
Here it is in 2 parts on ch 22.  
The * indicates showings where part 1 is directly followed by part 2.

The following dates are scheduled for the program “Holly Graham's Mother’s Day Concert - part 1” on Channel 22

Friday 5/26/2017, 10:00 PM
Sunday 5/28/2017, 5:30 PM
Tuesday 5/30/2017, 10:30 AM
Thursday 6/1/2017, 6:30 PM
*Saturday 6/3/2017, 3:00 PM
*Monday 6/5/2017, 6:30 PM
*Wednesday 6/7/2017, 8:00 PM
Saturday 6/10/2017, 3:00 PM

The following dates are scheduled for the program “Holly's Mother's Day Concert  Part 2” on Channel 22

Friday 5/26/2017, 1:30 PM
Monday 5/29/2017, 12:00 PM
Tuesday 5/30/2017, 5:00 PM
Wednesday 5/31/2017, 8:00 PM
*Saturday 6/3/2017, 3:27 PM
*Monday 6/5/2017, 6:57 PM
*Wednesday 6/7/2017, 8:27 PM
Thursday 6/8/2017, 10:30 PM













Raging Grannies

Raging Grannies sing No Fracking Way in their Olympia debut May 13th at Traditions

Patterns in Nature at Olympia's Fertile Ground Commons -
Summer 2017

Since 2013, summer art day camps for kids (and adults too if they wish) at Fertile Ground Commons in downtown Olympia have been a lot of fun and quite a success. Camps offer a week of making art that includes clay, oil and chalk pastels, watercolor, acrylic painting, mosaics, theatre, music, building spirit houses, field trips and more.Campers come away with a full portfolio of works along with a performance of music and stories or theatre for parents on the last day. Enrollment per camp is kept at 6 members, since the studio space is small. This summer some field trips may include Kennedy Creek and Nisqually Wildlife Refuge as well as Heritage Fountain and The Farmer's Market.

Camps for 2017:
June 26-30, August 7 - 11, and August 23 - 25.
Follow this link to register and see a sample curriculum.


Highlights from the 2016 camp

Anna’s art

Patterns in Nature Mosaics

Market artists at work

Play characters

Fieldtrip to the market

Nature Spirit Houses

August playmakers

Artist actors