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Art Camp for Big Kids Over 20 offers the summer art activity I do with kids for older artists at what was Fertile Ground Guest House across from the downtown Olympia library on 9th. Two camps of 3 days each will happen from 10 - 3 pm. Limited to 4 people because of space, in camp we will work with clay, make mandalas, create plaster bandage masks (make one for Procession!) and do oil pastel artworks. At the end of the camp, folks will have their creations including fired clay pieces to take home. Cost for the 3 days is $150. Contact me to register thru this site. It’s a lot of fun to make art with friends!

Patterns in Nature Art camp in the summer of 2019 was wonderful and full of great art by young artists ages 6 - 10. Both camps were attended by girls! Yes, it was a ‘girl camp’ summer in which we had a ball. My aide, Jackie Harris, also made it special, being a great liaison between me, the olde teacher and them, the youth!

For these camps I brought back an art I had done hundreds of times as an artist in the schools for the Washington State Arts Commission...plaster bandage masks. These were a huge amount of fun as well as supremely successful as a springboard to our theater presentations. It’s clear to me that plaster bandage masks are wonderful art forms, and I plan to include them in next year’s camps.

Worried about attendance, when I voiced my lament on Facebook about families who withdrew a child at the last minute, there were offers from two dear friends to pay for scholarships if money turned out to be the deciding force! Wow! I am so grateful! Roll on, 2020!

I love doing these camps and am so happy to have Fertile Ground’s art studio to work in. I thank Karen Nelson and Gail O’Sullivan for their constant hospitable welcome each year.